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Why and how to maximize your potential

Why and How to Maximize your Potential?

Yesterday evening while having casual chat with my father, he observed that I was in deep thought and asked me about it. I replied, “Yeah I was thinking that there are so many challenges in being a mother”. And with a smile, he replied “yes obviously there are because being a mother is a process, which would never be complete or end. And you will face challenges that you have not prepared yourself enough for.

This made me introspect!

I realised that during all the stages of life, the ones who will be successful are the ones who are well prepared for the process; the process called life.

So, have we ever wondered?

  • Are we really prepared?
  • Are we doing what we are supposed to do?
  • Are we performing as per expectations?

At any point of time in life and the roles and responsibilities we take up, there are certain expectations from us like…

  • Students – should study
  • Parents should take care of the children
  • Father should earn money, etc.

These are very basic and minimal expectations! And if we are able to manage these, it means that; yes, we are alive. As said in Hindi – Hum Jee Rahe Hai!

But then again, these questions arise.

  • Is that all that is expected of us?
  • Are we capable of only this?

God must not have created his fantabulous creation for only these basic things – to do just the bare minimum.

Haven’t you ever thought about?

  • Why there are some successful, some very successful and some extraordinary performers?
  • What differentiates them from others?

To some extent, credit can be given to basic intelligence, but just recall about all the toppers from your school and college days, are they still successful?

I feel that there is one important thing which plays a more important role in being successful or feeling to be, is the sense of satisfaction!

Let’s Introspect!

So, how satisfied you are with your own performance, are you giving your 100% in whatever you are doing? Let’s try to understand this with a few real-life examples:


Can we call M.S. Dhoni a success? – Yes!

For the reasons that he has prepared himself for cricket, he leveraged his cricketing skills, and he is still working on himself, acquiring new skills.


Can we call Mr. Ambani a success? – Yes!

He leveraged his skills in doing business, yet learning new things.

Case-3: Can we call PM Modi a success? – Yes!

Because he has enhanced his leadership skills!

One thing is common in all these successful personalities; they are pushing their limits, maximizing their potential and achieving new things.

What Are We Maximizing?

Let’s take an example, of a male student.

When he goes to school, some of his skills are developed such as sharing, understanding, communicating, etc. Then he goes to college and some more of his life skills are developed. He might fall in love, propose, and get rejected…maybe.  Now, this guy passes out from college, and everyone including himself expects from him that he shall earn money. His expectation from himself is to get a handsome salary, a posh office, and a successful career with whatever skills he has.

What do you think might happen?

Most probably, he gets frustrated with his work and office life. And his boss gets frustrated with him. This happens mainly because he has not prepared himself for the job, he has not acquired the necessary skills, he has not maximized his potential for earning that handsome salary, the posh office, a good boss, etc.

How to Prepare Yourself for What You Want to Achieve?

Now the most important thing to do is to think about the ways, you can develop yourself, leverage your skills and prepare for being successful.

In today’s life, we all are busy, no one has time for any nonsense, but what’s this “busyness” all about?

Are we really doing what we are supposed to do?

To know the answer please follow the next part of this blog, till then keep working on yourself and becoming the best version of yourself.

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