What are stem cells? Concept of Pluripotency, Origin of stem cells at embryo level and embryonic germ cells, Symmetric and asymmetric cell division, self-renewability, plasticity, Transcription factors and molecular characteristics of embryonic stem cells.

Concept of adult stem cells and study of representative examples of adult stem cell populations

Bone marrow stem cells- HSCs and MSCs, Neural Stem cells(NSCs), Mesenchymal Stem cells(MSCs) Endodermal stem cells.Stem cell niche and interactions with environment.

Embryonic Stem cell culture,Differentiation to desired cell types.

Need of cellular reprogramming. History of induced pluripotent stem cells. Generation of iPSCs, Maintenance and in vitrodifferentiation.

Case study-

In vitro differentiation – In Vitro Differentiation of Embryonic and Adult Stem Cells into Hepatocytes.

Understanding Trans-differentiation; Neuronal trans-differentiation from Mesenchymal Stem cells.

What are Cancer Stem cells? Types of Cancer Stem cells discovered till date

Molecular markers of Cancer stem cells. Mechanisms ruling cancer stem cells behaviour and responses. Implications of cancer stem cell research. Cancer stem cell analysis by Aldefluor assay.

Lineage tracing- Cre-  LoxP System, Flowcytometry with focus on stem cells, CRISPER, iRNA (Interference RNA technology) and microRNA, Gene expression analysis tools, Blastocyst injection technique for ESC fabrications

Introduction of regenerative medicine. Cord blood banking, stem cell banks.

Neurodegenerative Disorders and Spinal cord injury, Diabetes: Stem Cells as insulin producing β cells, Reviving skin in conditions of burns and skin ulcers, Stem cells in restoring disrupted musculo-skeletal abilities.

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