Real Time PCR Analysis

A real-time quantitative polymerase chain reaction(qPCR) is a technique of molecular biology, that is used to amplify and simultaneously detect or quantify targeted DNA molecules. The procedure follows the general principle of PCR. During PCR reaction progress the accumulation of PCR products results in the enhancement of fluorescence signals as the cycle numbers increase. Thus, PCR reaction progress is detected in “real time” by monitoring the fluorescence intensity.

Qualitative Analysis

– Detect viruses; detect GMO; identify cultivar; Mutant genotyping

Relative Quantitative Analysis

– Reference gene and target gene expression analysis

Absolute Quantitative Analysis

– Absolute quantitative analysis of DNA(RNA) ; transgene copy determination.

Virus and pathogen quantification (SNP Analysis)

– Human disease analysis; Individuation of medical treatment; HRM analysis


DNA isolation
RNA isolation
Real-time PCR for gene exprssion analysis
Real-time PCR for gene copy number analysis
Real-time PCR of plasmid copy number analysis
Real-time PCR of for aging related genes
Real-time PCR for stem cell genes
Real-time PCR for Differentiation related genes


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