Flow cytometry Services

IABRD uses the technological resource and technical assistance for high quality, multi-parameter flow cytometry analysis. IABRDs services are capable of analysing (at speeds up to 30,000 cells/sec) from homogeneous or mixed cell populations based on up to 8 fluorochromes and up to four separate populations, simultaneously, including human-derived samples at BSL2+ levels.

Multi-parameter flow cytometry analysis (up to 8 colors), supporting experimental protocols for

  • Immunophenotyping/immunofluorescence, for surface or intracellular antigens
  • Fluorescent protein expression (GFP, YFP, various “red” fluorescent proteins such as dsRed)
  • Proliferation, tracking, and cell cycle measurement (DNA content)
  • Apoptosis assays based on biochemical changes at various points in apoptotic/necrotic progression
  • Functional and kinetic assays, e.g. calcium flux, oxidative state, etc.