Cell Culture Based Research

we can grow either adherent or suspension cells as per customer specifications. Small- or large-scale cultures are carried out in cell culture flasks. The following cell culture services are available

  • Adherent cell culture service
  • Suspension cell culture service
  • Primary cell line derivation service
  • Small suspension culture or frozen cells


After culturing following cell based assays are provided as service –

Analysis of cell cycle by flowcytometry
Analysis of apoptosis by flowcytometry (Annexin-PI) method
Analysis of mitochondrial potential by flowcytometry
Analysis of Cell membrane potential by flowcytometry
Analysis of cell proliferation by CFSE staining (Flowcytometry)
Analysis of cancer cell surface markers
Analysis of cancer cell intracellular proteins by flowcytometry
Analysis of cancer stem cells by flowcytometry from different origins of cancers (Aldefluor, surface markers and intracellular proteins
Culture and analysis of different normal as well as cancer cell lines for various purposes from Mice and humans
Scratch and migration assay for analysis of metstasis for different cancers
Multiplexing of cytokines by flowcytometry (CBA), same can be applied for growth factors, chemokines, Inflammatory molecules, bone metabolism molecules.
MicroRNA multiplexing by flowcytometry
Invitro differentiation of THP1 cells into macrophages
Invitro differentiation of Macrophages into osteoclasts
Analysis of Drosophila cells by flowcytometry
Detection of host cell infection by flowcytometry for protozoan pathogens
Magnetic cell sorting of CD4 T cells
Invitro differentiation of pancreatic ductal cells ito Beta cells
Magnetic cell sorting of regulatory T cells
Human and Mice T cell analysis
Human and mice B cell analysis
Human regulatory T cell analysis
Invitro immunomodulatory studies for herbal extracts and chemicals
Invitro immunomodulatory studies for peptides as the part of vaccine trials
Analysis of virus infected GFP cells
Analysis of antigen specific immune cells isolated from Lymph node and spleen after booster vaccination
Reactive oxygen species induction analysis
Analysis of cardioprotective effects of herbal extracts
Analysis of mice and human macrophages
Epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT)

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