Genomics is the study of whole genomes of organisms, and incorporates elements from genetics. Genomics uses a combination of recombinant DNA, DNA sequencing methods, and bioinformatics to sequence, assemble, and analyse the structure and function of genomes. It differs from ‘classical genetics’ in that it considers an organism’s full complement of hereditary material, rather than one gene or one gene product at a time. Moreover, genomics focuses on interactions between loci and alleles within the genome and other interactions such as

  • epistasis
  • pleiotropy
  • heterosis

Genomics harnesses the availability of complete DNA sequences for entire organisms and was made possible by both the pioneering work of Fred Sanger and the more recent next-generation sequencing technology.

Instrument Details
Genetic Analyzers | Genomics Research Center Pune

Genetic Analyzers

  1. 8 Capillary , 3500 Series Genetic Analyzer
  2. SeqStudio Genetic Analyzer

Sequencing consumables

  • POP 4/ POP 6 / POP 7
  • Big Dye Direct Cycle
  • Sequencing Kit
  • Anode Buffer
  • Cathode Buffer
Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) Systems

Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) Systems

  1. Ion S5™ next-generation sequencing system
  2. Ion GeneStudio S5 System
  3. Ion S5™ XL next-generation sequencing system


  • RNA Sequencing
  • Ribosome Depletion
  • Ribosome Depletion
    -poly(A) Sequence
  • Ion AmpliSeq NGS Panels for Targeted Sequencing
  • Ion AmpliSeq Library Kit Plus
Sequencing Reagents Kit

Sequencing Kits & Reagents


  • Micro Array Kits
  • Transcriptomics Kits
  • Multiplex Real-time PRC Kits
  • Gene Chips
  • Methylation Sequence
  • Epigenomics Kits
QuantStudio™ 12K Flex OpenArray | Nirav Bio

QuantStudio™ 12K Flex OpenArray

The QuantStudio™ 12K Flex system is a highly flexible, comprehensive real-time PCR platform that leverages the best of Applied Biosystems real-time technology in a single instrument. The QuantStudio™ 12K Flex Real-Time PCR System includes easy-to-change blocks that can accommodate OpenArray® plates, TaqMan® array cards, 384-well, 96-well, and FAST 96-well plates.


  • Open array kits
Ultra Pure water system

Ultra Pure Water System

Our principals RephiLe designs and manufactures innovative and high quality pure water systems and consumables, in addition to other filtration and purification based products for use in biotechnology, healthcare and life science laboratories.
We have:

  1. Lab Water Systems that can deliver Type II, Type I, RO water. System capacity range from 10-15L per day to 300L per day.
  2. Replacement Consumables & Spare Parts
  3. Service Network with engineer based in Pune

Replacement Parts & Consumables Include:

  • Ultrapure Cartridge
  • Pretreatment Filtration Cartridges
  • EDI Modules
  • RO Membranes
  • UV Lamps
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