Common Lab Equipments

Instrument Details

Ultra Pure water system

Our principals RephiLe designs and manufactures innovative and high quality pure water systems and consumables, in addition to other filtration and purification based products for use in biotechnology, healthcare and life science laboratories.
We have:

  1. Lab Water Systems that can deliver Type II, Type I, RO water. System capacity range from 10-15L per day to 300L per day.
  2. Replacement Consumables & Spare Parts
  3. Service Network with engineer based in Pune

Replacement Parts & Consumables Include:

  • Ultrapure Cartridge
  • Pretreatment Filtration Cartridges
  • EDI Modules
  • RO Membranes
  • UV Lamps

Laminar Air Flow

It provides a work area with aseptic/sterile conditions for the tissue culture. Laminar Air Flow has continuous displacement of air (it provides streamline flow of air) that passes through HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter that removes the particulates from the air.
Laminar Air Flow are equipped with a UV lamp used to sterilize the shell or cabinet or the surface.
Available in Horizontal and Vetical Flow in different sizes.


  • HEPA Filters
  • UV Tubes
  • Pressure Guage
  • Blower
  • Motor

Biosafety Cabinet

Class II, Type A2 Biological Safety Cabinets offer personnel, product, and environmental protection to obtain optimum control over product quality while reducing the potential for exposure of both product and personnel to airborne biological or particulate chemical agents in low to moderate risk-hazard research and drug preparation or product operations.


  • HEPA Filters
  • UV Tubes
  • Pressure Guage
  • Blower
  • Motor

Incubator Shakers

These are designed to provide optimal conditions for cell growth, some type of agitation or shaking is necessary to incorporate oxygen and evenly distribute nutrients throughout the culture media. That’s often done by placing a separate shaker inside an incubator, but incubator shakers combine those functions for a more convenient and efficient setup. The incubator shaker can be used for growth of just about any kind of cell including bacterial cultures, tissue cultures, and yeast. Incubator Shaker set-ups range from compact, benchtop systems to large-capacity, floor-stackable units the size of a large freezer.


  • Clamps
  • Temperature controller
  • Motor
  • Compressor

Top Mounted Aggitators and Magnetic stirrer with Hot plate

Cost effective solutions for mixing, aggitation and homogenising of samples.


  • Motor
  • Controller
  • Aggitator
  • Heating Element

Weighing Balance

Analytical Balances with different capacites and sensiitvity from various reputed bands like Mettler Toledo, Ohas and Wensar are supplied and serviced by us.


  • Standard weights
  • Weighing Boats


Micropipettes are essential of every lab which dooes low volume pipetting. We offer following:

  • Micro Pipette sets
  • Single Channel Vairable volume pipettes
  • Multichannel 8/12 variable volume pipettes
  • Pipette controller
  • Bottle top dispensers


  • Micropipette tips
  • Tip Racks
  • Pipette Stand
  • Aerosole Barrier Tips
  • Sterile racked Tips
  • Serological Pipettes

pH meters

  • Digital pH meter
  • Portable pH meters
  • Microprocessor based pH meter
  • Two point and 5 point calibration
  • Multipaameter pH meter


  • pH Standards
  • Spare Electrode for different application

Deep Freezer

We Provide -20 °C and -40 °C deepfreezers from Blue Star.
Our Principals are a very reuted brand in Refrigeration products have wide range of offerings from 270L to 450L capacity. We have both Vertcal and Crest Freezers.


  • Sample Storage Vials
  • Cryo Vials for cryopreservation of samples
  • Sample storage Boxes to accommodate 0.2 ml/ 1.5ml / 2ml MCT’s and Cryo vials
  • Cryo markers and Cryo tapes
  • Stainless steel racks for organisation of boxes

Ultra Low Freezer -86 from BlueStar

Stainless steel interior. Painted steel panel exterior. And 4 casters for easy handing:

  • The front opening lockable door comes with a handle for easy accessibility as well as a vacuum
    release port
  • Adjustable stainless-steel shelves with inner insulation doors and double silicon gasket seal
  • Two-times foaming technology with 120mm foaming insulation as well as a VIP insulation board
  • Comes with USB storage functions
  • Optional additions include: chart recorder, CO2 back up system, storage racks/boxes and remote
    alarm system
  • Temperature control ranges between -40 °C and -86 °C that can be set freely
  • Temperature control is precise to 1°C
  • Along with a digital temperature display, it has a keyboard lock and a password protected
    configuration page
  • The freezer has a delayed start and safe stop interval between restart and being terminated
  • Equipped with audio and video alarms, such as: High or Low Temperature alarm, Power Failure
  • Low Battery alarm, Door Open alarm, Filter Blocking alarm and System Failure alarm


  • Sample Storage Vials
  • Cryo Vials for cryopreservation of samples
  • Sample storage Boxes to accommodate 0.2 ml/ 1.5ml / 2ml MCT’s and Cryo vials.
  • Cryo markers and Cryo tapes
  • Stainless steel racks for organisation of boxes

Cryocan / LN2 container

    • Cryocan for Biological application
    • Cryocan for Transport application.

(These products needed for cryogenic storage of biological material at cryogenic temperature right from semen to stem cells both in vapour & liquid nitrogen phase with focus for long term Cryogenic preservation of the biological samples and also, providing turn-key Cryobank management systems with full automated controls)


  • Cryo Gloves
  • Cryo Labels
  • Cryovials
  • Liquid Nitrogen Withdrawal Device
  • CryoCane
  • Cryosleeve
  • Cryomarker
  • Cryotags