Biochemistry, sometimes called biological chemistry, is the study of chemical processes within and relating to living organisms. Biochemical processes give rise to the complexity of life.
A sub-discipline of both biology and chemistry, biochemistry can be divided into three fields; molecular genetics, protein science, and metabolism. Over the last decades of the 20th century, biochemistry has through these three disciplines become successful at explaining living processes. Almost all areas of the life sciences are being uncovered and developed by biochemical methodology and research. Biochemistry focuses on understanding how biological molecules give rise to the processes that occur within living cells and between cells, which in turn relates greatly to the study and understanding of tissues, organs, and organism structure and function.
Biochemistry is closely related to molecular biology, the study of the molecular mechanisms by which genetic information encoded in DNA is able to result in the processes of life.

Instrument Details
UV-Visible Spectrophotometer

UV-Visible Spectrophotometer

  1. Single Beam UV-Visible Spectrophotometer
  2. Double Beam UV Visible Spectrophotometer


  • Standards
  • Glass Cuvettes
  • Quartz Cuvettes
pH meters

pH meters

  • Digital pH meter
  • Portable pH meters
  • Microprocessor based pH meter
  • Two point and 5 point calibration
  • Multipaameter pH meter


  • pH Standards
  • Spare Electrode for different application
ELISA Reader Multiskan™ FC Microplate Photometer

ELISA Reader Multiskan™ FC Microplate Photometer


  1. Wide wavelength range of 340nm to 850nm
  2. Fast reading of both 96 and 384 well plates
  3. Shaking and incubation up to 50°C for temperature critical assays
  4. Ease of use through the large color screen and a variety of language versions
  5. Superior usability and logical workflow with Thermo Scientific™ SkanIt™ Software
  6. USB port for easy data transfer


  • Antibodies
  • Wash Buffers
  • Multiwell Plate
  • ELISA kits for Humans, Mouse & Plants
Bio Analyzer


The system integrates an instrument, data processing software, reagents and a microfluidic chip specific for DNA, RNA or Protein analysis.


  • Kits for RNA and DNA qantification.


These are designed to provide optimal conditions for cell growth, some type of agitation or shaking is necessary to incorporate oxygen and evenly distribute nutrients throughout the culture media. That’s often done by placing a separate shaker inside an incubator, but incubator shakers combine those functions for more convenient and efficient setup. The incubator shaker can be used for the growth of just about any kind of cell including bacterial cultures, tissue cultures, and yeast. Incubator Shaker set-ups range from compact, benchtop systems to large-capacity, floor-stackable units the size of a large freezer.


  • Spare Clamps
  • Anhydrous Media
  • Flask and Tubes
Varioskan LUX Multimode Microplate Reader

Varioskan LUX Multimode Microplate Reader

Supports the following measurement technologies:

  1. Absorbance (UV-Vis, including pathlength correction)
  2. Fluorescence Intensity (including FRET)
  3. Luminescence (direct and filtered including BRET)
  4. AlphaScreen / AlphaLISA
  5. Time-resolved fluorescence (including TR-FRET, hTRF)

Consumables Include:

  • Multiwell Plates for ELISA, Spectrophotometry and Fluoresence Assay
  • Kits in Multiwell format
SDS Page Unit

SDS Page Unit

The unique design of the Mini Gel Tank allows you to run mini gels quickly, easily
and leak-free without any clamps or grease. The set-up time is only 30 seconds; just
drop the cassette clamps into the electrophoresis tank, insert the gels and pull the
cassette clamp forward. The perfect no-leak seal results in no mess and consistent

Consumables Include:

  • Bis Acrilamide
  • Stacking Buffer
  • Resolving Buffer
  • Ammonium Persulfate
  • Glass plates and Well combs
  • Protein Ladder
  • Precast Gels
  • Gel Staining Unit
  • Rocker Shaker
Western Blotting

Western Blotting Unit

Three models are available with us:

  1. Iblot 2 (dry boltting)
  2. Power Blotter (Semi dry system)
  3. Mini Gel tank with blotting module (tank transfer)


  • I Blot Stacks
  • Blotting Membrane Nitocellulose and PVDF
  • Protein Dyes


Capture images and analyze data from western blots and gels efficiently and easily with the Invitrogen iBright Imaging System. This high-performance instrument enhances the imaging experience through powerful hardware, advanced automated technologies and an interface that is easy to use for researchers of all experience levels.
Two models:

  1. iBright CL1000
  2. iBright FL1000


  • Primary and Secondary Antibodies
  • HRP and AP substrate
  • Fluoroscence dyes
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