Milestones of Lab

Nirav Biosolutions has started its own research and contract research lab in April 2019 with a vision to establish a biological research system where different well optimized experimental systems can be used to make life science and applied biology research easier, more efficient, low cost and high throughput. Till now the lab has achieved great milestones in following areas –

    1. Milestones at experimental level – Nearly 40 different techniques were optimized and used in the areas of Molecular Biology, Cell Biology, Immunology, Stem cell biology, Cancer biology, Parasite biology etc. Following is the list of optimized experiments –
       Sr. No. Research Topic
       1 Analysis of cell cycle by flowcytometry
      2 Analysis of apoptosis by flowcytometry (Annexin-PI) method
      3 Analysis of mitochondrial potential by flowcytometry
      4 Analysis of Cell membrane potential by flowcytometry
      5 Analysis of cell proliferation by CFSE staining (Flowcytometry)
      6 Analysis of cancer cell surface markers
      7 Analysis of cancer cell intracellular proteins by flowcytometry
      8 Analysis of cancer stem cells by flowcytometry from different origins of cancers (Aldefluor, surface markers and intracellular proteins
      9 Culture and analysis of different normal as well as cancer cell lines for various purposes from Mice and humans
      10 Scratch and migration assay for analysis of metstasis for different cancers
      11 Multiplexing of cytokines by flowcytometry (CBA), same can be applied for growth factors, chemokines, Inflammatory molecules, bone metabolism molecules.
      12 MicroRNA multiplexing by flowcytometry ( Will be optimized by month end)
      13 Invitro differentiation of THP1 cells into macrophages
      14 Invitro differentiation of Macrophages into osteoclasts
      15 Analysis of Drosophila cells by flowcytometry
      16 Detection of host cell infection by flowcytometry for protozoan pathogens
      17 Magnetic cell sorting of CD4 T cells
      18 Invitro differentiation of pancreatic ductal cells ito Beta cells
      19 Magnetic cell sorting of regulatory T cells
      20 DNA isolation
      21 RNA isolation
      22 Real time PCR for gene exprssion analysis
      23 Real time PCR for gene copy number analysis
      24 Real time PCR of plasmid copy number analysis
      25 Real time PCR of for aging related genes
      26 Real time PCR for stem cell genes
      27 Real time PCR for Differentiation related genes
      28 Human and Mice T cell analysis
      29 Human and mice B cell analysis
      30 Human regulatory T cell analysis
      31 Invitro immunomodulatory studies for herbal extracts and chemicals
      32 Invitro immunomodulatory studies for peptides as the part of vaccine trials
      33 Analysis of virus infected GFP cells
      34 Analysis of antigen specific immune cells isolated from Lymph node and spleen after booster vaccination
      35 Reactive oxygen speciec induction analysis
      36 Analysis of cardioprotective effects of herbal extracts
      37 Analysis of mice and human macrophages
      38 Epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT) – will be optimized till month end


    2. Milestones at the level of collaboration – In last 12 months lab has already established a wide network with 3 Major Universities, 6 Research Centers as well pharmaceutical companies in every important area of life sciences and applied biology research
    3. Inhouse research and publications – The lab has established In house research facility for the following project proposals –
      1. Single cell cloning of T lymphocytes to establish experimental model systems for applied immunology research and therapeutics.
      2. Effect of chemical compounds and herbal extracts on Metastasis, Epithelial-Mesenchymal transition and stem cell differentiation.