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Irritation Theory of Cancer – Part 1

Irritation Theory of Cancer – Part 1

This theory has been devised by Dr. Nishant Vyas based on his years of research on cancer cells and biology. His academic and professional acumen are Ph. D in Onco-immunology, Post Doc, Stem Cell Research. As a leading scientist and having worked on several projects nationally and internationally, Dr. Nishant Vyas undertakes and oversees all the research activities at Nirav Biosolutions Pvt. Ltd. To read more about him – click here.

Now let’s proceed with the part -1 of the Irritation Theory of Cancer.

Generally, there are various causes of cancer. It can be caused by viruses, pollution, radiation, chemicals agents, mutation, etc. In fact, various genetic causes of cancer are also there, but there one industry theory related to cancer, known as irritation theory. However, it is not applicable in the cases of cancer caused by a virus, which is one of the exceptions.

Let’s try to understand this from a simple example.

If you are having death in the differentiation stage itself, then the cell process will have to replace this cell. This death will give a signal to the stem cell they shall divide, differentiate and then replace the dead cells in the tissue. As described earlier in part -3 this process occurs normally in the human system and organs. So, this process is continuous whenever it is required, and it is controlled under the external signalling mechanics. But the question is how many times it can be done because when the same things are repeated again and again there can be a point where the stem cells might undergo mutations or face some mechanism based problem and forget how to stop the cell division. And once this happens the balance is skewed towards the cell division and what happens is the generation and progression of the tumour.

So, this is the irritation theory of cancer cells, wherein the differentiated cells get killed again and again and the stem cells are signalled to divide again in again. And there can come a pint where they forget how to stop the cell division and that time point or that day can be the start point of a new tumour. This irritation or rapidity death in differentiated cells can be caused by radiation, smoking or several other parameters. In fact, these factors cause mutation in the stem cells making them forget how to stop the cell division.

In the next part of this blog, we will try to understand the Irritation Theory of Cancer with a few real-world examples. To read part 2 – Click Here.

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