As a leader and solution provider in the Life science industry, Nirav Biosolutions Pvt Ltd, has had an illustrious past. Our vision is to engage, encourage and enable 25000 biologists both fundamentally and technically till 2025, by providing them with an experience of advanced applied biological research, which will help them to explore their maximum potential in life science research.” shows us future path and our purpose To Enrich and accelerate research in Applied Biology, for betterment of mankind through high quality scientific tools, expertise and experience of developing innovative solutions to ease life of mankind by innovative scientific research , guarantee us the wonderful future.

We strongly believe a successful business isn’t the products we sell, the services which we provide, it is a group of people bound together with the common purpose and vision. Its all about adding value to other’s life, to be a contributor in some or other way. Everyone in our organization lives our core values We are a value-adding partner. We build enduring relationships. We work with Discipline, Integrity and Positivity and believe in Ritualistic continuous improvement. We Encourage Individual Initiatives. These values now have become part of the DNA of our organization.

Path which we have chosen for us is challenging but we are committed to our commitment to become a leader, where leadership is not just being the biggest, but the best – in terms of people and their competitiveness, the quality of our products, the value we provide to our consumers, and all our business processes.

Our motto is to use our in-depth and profound knowledge of the market to ensure a fair deal to our Principals. To provide personalized service, on-schedule deliveries and reliable quality at competitive prices at all times through our expertise while making it a working pleasure for our team, promoters and our customers.

The management is always working on innovative ways of marketing products and is equipped to take up challenging assignment in diverse fields. We’re open to change, and decisions are taken with the active participation of the team . Decision making is always an inclusive process its never an Adhoc at NBS we strongly believe its not an individual its always a team which enables you to taste fruits of success, at NBS team member is never a resource he is always an asset we have individual goal settings, growth plan -personal as well as professional for our team.

Our people have crossed the first hurdle by understanding and accepting the need for change. The company is now well on its way to changing its mindset completely. We are moving towards being market-led, customer-centric and focused on costs and speed of response. Our people have displayed their capability in doing mammoth-sized projects and have a tremendous spirit. It is our people, therefore, who hold the key. Which is why we are concentrating more than ever before on human asset and are striving continuously to follow the best practices.

We provide an excellent work environment, promote individual initiatives, always strive to inculcate the habit of continuous improvement from ground level, this makes NBS a class apart place to be associated with. We are a solution provider and we truly mean it !!! we go to any extent to help, our customers, Principles, teammates or any of our associates to find solutions to their problems.

Our associates (Biologists, students, principal companies) are our partners in enduring success. So let’s get aligned to our vision, values, the technology we provide and intent we have of promoting applied biology in life science research. Let’s together contribute to society, to country and the world, through our innovative cost-effective solutions.

Let’s be worthy of existence !!


To engage, encourage and enable 25000 biologists by giving them an experience of advanced applied biological research by 2025, helping them to reach their full potential.


Enrich and accelerate research in Applied Biology, for betterment of mankind through high quality scientific tools, expertise and experience of developing innovative solutions.


Value adding Partner

Ritualistic Continuous Improvement

Discipline, Integrity and Positivity

Building Enduring Relationships

Encouraging Individual Initiatives